Stay tuned for the release of my newest mandala - "Mushroom Kaleidoscope" - coming soon!


I am an artist who is obsessed with geometric details and vibrant color in all areas of my work. I work in acrylic paint to create mandalas on canvas or use pencil and ink on paper. I also work with glass seed beads to create bead embroidery and off-loom stitched 3D geometric solids. My work is usually quite colorful, and I intend to infuse the viewer with a feeling of circular movement and a shot of color intensity. Mandalas have been my focus for several years, and I often use a superimposed image in the middle of my pieces that are differentiated only by color, but not by design.  I am deeply drawn to the repetitive geometric patterns that fill each concentric circle, and the sacred geometry that is naturally created in the process of both mandala making, and beading – to me it signifies regeneration and meditation. Using basic geometry tools and imagination I can create an endless supply of shapes, designs and patterns. Details, hard lines, and juicy colors are essential in the painting or drawing of each of my mandalas, as well as the stitching of each piece of beadwork. My art in both areas is slow and meditative. In a world that is chaotically moving and hustling around me I find much solace in creating art that is inherently slow and methodical. 

- Nicole Stirling